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(Seedless Kumquat)

Harvest time: Early February to late February

Puchimaru is a seedless kumquat developed in 1999.

It is the highest quality seedless kumquat variety, and in Okinawa, the fruit can be nearly twice as large as in mainland Japan.

When eaten raw, the peel is a little tough, but highly sweet without bitterness. 

The fruit juice is a bit low in amount, but it is extremely sweet and rich in vitamin C.

In essence, it is easy to eat because there are no seeds, and it is so tasty that even if you only mean to eat one piece, you will find yourself devouring two or three pieces of it♪

It’s also delicious as jam or kanroni, a soy sauce and sugar stewed meal.

Operation Hours

Monday through Friday

9 AM-5 PM




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